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GROOT XL and SG design series

From 2020 we are busy introducing our standard design for a versatile Minibulker / MPV series, the GROOT XL family of vessels. 

The success of the series is evident from the fact that already 10 vessels of the 5200XL type and 2 vessels of the 5900XL type are in service today. The actual newbuild list now includes (at least) 14x 5200XL and 8x 5900XL vessels, with more under serious consideration. 

Several parties are seriously interested in the extended sizes 6600XL and 7300XL, decisions are expected soon. 

For the market of several larger MPVs, Groot Ship Design recently introduced the SG12000, an extremely versatile multi purpose vessel including gears. The vessel is designed as an easy to handle and operate vessel, with 2 cargoholds, 2 gears (80 tons standard cranes), full tweendeck and fitted for bulk. The propulsion is extremely efficient, the power is provided by a highly economical 2-stroke engine, able to run on various fuels.