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Groot Ship Design proceeds with VERTOM 5600 design

We are very happy to report that our successful cooperation with Vertom in the VERTOM 7000 design proceeds with a next design, the VERTOM 5600. In the 7000 design a next generation propulsion concept was introduced, utilizing a diesel-electric power configuration. The well balanced installation in combination with bow / hullshape ensures an improved power- and fuel consumption with optimum vessel performance (speed and durability). Vertom agreed with Groot Ship Design to join forces in the further execution of the design of which six vessels ordered at Chowgule Shipyard in India. In advance of the shipbuilding contract GSD arranged an initial design and provided part of the contract documentation.

The VERTOM 7000 / 5600 series are based on the same platform, sharing hull design, propulsion concept, accommodation and configuration of the ship’s systems. This project approach saves cost and valuable time for design and engineering. It also provides the yard with reliable information in an early stage of the project. The shipowner has the advantage of both series executed more or less in a similar way, resulting in more efficiency to organize maintenance, crew familiarization, technical support and spare parts.

What was already concluded years ago, the fleet of MPV vessels is of age, therefore owners are desperately in need of new tonnage. This results in a high demand for new futureproof designs. We are glad that our team can provide these designs to owners. The building of the vessels is in close corporation with yards, to make sure that the newbuilding is done in a smart and efficient way.