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Groot Ship Design acquired by NIMBUS

Nimbus hands-on investor has taken over the shares of Groot Ship Design Leek and Groot Ship Design Poland from Bart Groot. Nimbus is pleased to attract an international leading design agency that is at the forefront of cargo ship development. With the market for seagoing multi-purpose cargo vessels picking up and the growing demand for new efficient and "clean" low emission ships, the expectations for the future are positive. Bart Groot, founder and owner of the company, will remain part of the company in the role of designer and advisor. The take-over gives Bart more room to do what he likes doing best: designing ships.

Collaboration Groot Ship Design and DEKC Maritime

The acquisition of Groot Ship Design by Nimbus, also shareholder and owner of DEKC Maritime, creates the opportunity for both companies to work together. Groot Ship Design and DEKC complement each other well. In recent years, DEKC Maritime has mainly focused on the offshore (wind), dredging and operational market, while Groot Ship Design is the leading player in designing coasters and cargo ships. The companies will look for synergy at the interfaces of technology and organisation. The aim is to learn from each other, use each other's capacity and ultimately offer customers better and more efficient solutions and designs. Both companies will continue to operate autonomously and to serve their own markets.