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Energy transitions and Groot Ship Design

Covering the topic ‘Energy Transition’, we where requested to make a contribution to the Dutch magazine SWZ Maritime. As a design house we work on many ideas for new vessels and try to implement new technologies in our designs. The energy transition in our society, which we all are part of, also affects shipping and shipdesign. Keeping in mind we have to work our way to a dot on the horizon. Our task is to come up with designs that can be build today and make a contribution to the changes we need for tomorrow’s better world. It does not make sense to include futuristic technology in our designs, when they are not available yet. With our clients we work step by step to improve designs, technologies and help make decisions. In the SWZ article you find some illustrations of what we already accomplished, what is ongoing and more importantly how the near future will look like. Please click here to read the article "Energy transitions and Groot Ship Design".