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Chowgule 7. Portfeeder Design

The rapid development of container ports and terminals along the coast of India require dedicated vessels for transfer of containers from port to port or shipment of the boxes towards the final destination. The shipbuilding division of the Chowgule Group from India and Groot Ship Design recognized this requirement and developed together a dedicated port feeder able to carry at least 100 TEU containers and being able to address local ports and rivers along the coastline. The principle operation and execution of the vessel should be simple and straight forward to enable local operators to use the vessel without problems.

Initially the feeder vessel was developed as an open top container vessel. Model testing showed positive results making it a unique design, probably one of the smallest open top vessels ever. Due to the open top design it was required to put the superstructure up front covering the container cargo holds from water ingress. Considering the requirements of the local authorities the design was eventually completed with some hatchcovers. To enable easy maneuvering the vessel is equipped with two deck mounted rudder propellers; make ZF, delivered as complete units and ready to be fitted on deck. A complete engine room with all equipment, ventilation etc. is therefore not required. In the foreship a small engineroom with two generator sets is provided for auxiliary mode. Maneuvering the vessel is without the necessity of a bowthruster.

In the middle of the vessel a dedicated container crane, make Liebherr, is fitted on a pedestal allowing easy loading, discharging and shifting of containers. The vessel is equipped with an anti-heeling system including a pump of 3.000 m3/hr, of Dutch make Leeuwenstein. The turning and hoisting speeds of the crane and the working of the anti-heeling pump are well balanced to allow swift loading and discharging.